Saturday, September 12, 2009

taG frOm beLLe y cOmeL=)

On the fasting mood(cm aku swng jew pose=) )
Playing L.O.V.E to hear sonG of avenged 7foLd!.
Pending time berbuka ar..(lapar ajew & ptut gMuks=)).
What's new My hair..shOrt again!waaaa!!
Real name nurul ain bt othman
Nickname ain,mizzjuwita,nurul,dieya..byk gler nicknamekuH=)
Married absoLuteLy wiF my aYie busHuk!
Male/Female Female.of course!proud tO be a gurLz,LadiEs,wOman=)
High school SMK penambang kB,kLanTaN.
College KPTM Kuala Lumpur.
Are you a health freak? Not really.
Do you have a crush on someone? nO(dLu prnaH aR).
Do you like yourself? yuP i'm..sYukuR nGn cipTaNnYer=)


Surgery urm..nO kowT buT Lau mancUnG nOse besT gakz 2..wee=).
Person you see in the morning sis aNa coz sHe sLeeP wiTh me=).
Award Sports Day at sks n smk n also time Kindergarten.
Sports you join in neTbaLL,bOla bLing,baD,LariaN,trik tali!wee=)
Vacation itali,hong kong!!yeaH..;)
Concert time sKs onLy..(sinG sonG from spice girlz n westlife)=)
Drink saY no to araK!!!(haram)
I'm about to nothing..just simpLe..simpLe..n simpLe..=)

Your future,

Want kids yes..2 girlz,2 boys..n want twin=).
Want to get married For sure, legalized for sex.
Careers in mind lawyer buT i taking aCcount course!!(aper2 ajew asL dpt jOb)

Which is better?

Lips or Eyes? Lips..!wee..n my eyes Like kungFu P.A.N.DA??gOsH!
Hugs or Kisses? kisses!!.[gaTaL=;)]
Shorter or Taller? urm...sedrhana..[ snng nk pkai high heel n amagine ar ownG tinggi pkai high gaLah righT!!agRh!!..
Romantic or Spontaneous? Spontaneous..rOmanTic gLe aR..cM jeLi=)
Sensitive or Loud? mosT Sensitive..xpeciaLLy some1 trY tO make me angry!argh!
Troublemaker or Hesitant? None.

Have you ever,

Kissed a stranger? wEkk! nO babe!!
Drank bubbles No!!!katekn T.I.D.A.K!!.
Lost glasses / contacts My eyes still in good condition.(jeLs trnG bndrang agY)
Ran away from home No...[kecian kt umi=(]
Liked someone younger oH yes..coz dorng 2 sweet..stiLL thinking im stiLL young sdngkn dri da tue!!hehhehhee=).
Broke someone's heart YES..[2 owng 2 mizzjuwita sys sORRY=(. ]
Been arrested No.
Cried when someone died Yes..when dats person bgitu bermkna lm drikuH..=(

Do you believe in,

60% yes,40% no..
no!! coz i see a tactic magic on astrO!!fullY bushiT!
yes...malaikat itu wujud..

Answer truthfully,

Is there someone you want to be with right now?
en.ayie n my kazeN!p-jusT

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